Dubai heist; hats off for these guys!

For lasting this long, and making out of Dubai they are geniuses!


Tripple the amount recovered. The arresting police had to reward themselves before declaring the amount.

Mtakaziwa kuingia Dubai ndio mjue

"Detectives on Tuesday arrested a woman suspected to have alongside two other Kenyans, stolen Sh140 million (Dh5 million) in Dubai three months ago.

Kenyan police, working with Interpol, arrested Rebecca Mweni Musau and recovered Sh13 million from her new house in Ruai.

The officers arrested Ms Mweni at the Namanga border, following a tip-off from Immigration officials who realized that her passport had been flagged."

You manage to make it out of Dubai then you get caught due to such a simple mistake

Hats off to thieves?

rookie mistake…iwe funzo kwa wengine… don’t deal with women when it comes to such business.

Wangetumia taveta kucross into tz

Bure kabisa. Let them. Not quit their day jobs. Clearly this line of work is not turning out well.

Wangechukua temporary na jina ingine na wavuke.

And stay where? You literally have to change your identity. Cant keep in contact with your family. Kenyan cops know there is a huge reward for them in apprehending you.

Had they exchanged the colossal amount of money

@pamba …please ofsa can you account for 127mirrion prisss!?

Uhalifu haulipi chochote.
But let’s brainstorm a little.
We all know UAE authorities would not send an Arab citizen who committed crime in Kenya back to Kenya to face trial. I don’t even think they would arrest him to stand trial in their country if the crime was committed in Kenya.
If I was Kenya police I would arrest her at the border then when we’re about to reach Nairobi I would talk to the other officer and convince him we let her go. You cannot cooperate with people who hate your people for no good reason. F*ck mwarabu and his feelings.

wewe ndiyo ulikuwa unalia hapa juu ya corruption meffi

I value nationalism over everything else and as long as hawakuibia Kenyans mimi I’m fine with it. Sorry your Arabs waliibiwa

we all know you love your masters, faggot arab slavers. you slave

mkamba hakujipanga .fala kabisa isebania,ilasit taveta very porous.unafanya timing simu za soko Na unavaa casual.passport ya no meZesha

What a fucking idiot. Nimepita hiyo Namanga border point mara nyingi although I always go through immigration I realised once you get back to the bus no one checks to verify watu wamepitia process. Kwanza If you going to your home country unatoa ID na unatembea. The times I have passed there sikuona extra checkpoint from there, its Nairobi direct.

Am on the same page. I hate thieves to the core but me huona Bank money is fair play. These motherfuckers hutuibia everyday. Also it’s insured money, literally no one will feel a financial pain.

You just cannot stick to the topic, y’all are praising people who stole money, thieves. But no you want to make it about masters and …
Small minds a problem of the times we live in.