Dualis Nissan

Anyone who has ever owned or driven a Nissan Dualis? What is your opinion: Consumption, maintenance, and other things.

It’s a good car but shida unakuliwanga yule mwanamke wako na your friend

(I know you outside hapa)

Wewe kwenda kabisa

Si Kila rafiki rafiki wengine wanafki

Hauwezi impress Dem na hio Nissan Duale. Tafuta Toyota mark x

Wah wah wah.

Step 1 : move location
step 2: chunguza kama unakuriwo bibi na rafiki yako
step 3: rusha yeye out ni jaaa

Umepewa mwakenya, utilize it. Fanya investigation pole pole ujue ukweli, bora usikuwe Kwa breaking news.

unakuliwa bibi bwana chunga hii ktalk :smiley:

Source it from a reliable yard/ foreign auction. Very comfortable ride esp for tall drivers,had 12km/ltr average. Used an Optional 4wd though Kuna full time and another 2WD.Quiet cabin, light steering feedback, generally reliable just avoid ‘many hands’. a friend (enemy of progress)borrowed it once and went out to off-road, drift + do burnouts and common problems due to the mishandling was clutch and flywheel issues,also front suspension overhaul costed a fortune. Good ground clearance for our roads but also high COG.

Umeamua mwanaume atupe bibi na akuwe ghaidi

Unakuliwa bibi mjamaa? :D:D:D:D:D

Thank you for the information. Which of these would you choose? Dualis, Toyota Wish, Nissan Sylphy, or Toyota Axio?

Hujauliza mimi but usibuy saloon, practicality huwa hazina, afadhali ka note than a sylphy. Dualis ceased production in 2012 (i think). Wish is good but you are better off with a Mazda premacy (same car as Nissan Lafesta) since it is hardy (made by mazda) and is better looking besides having a proper auto gearbox (as opposed to a CVT in the wish). The premacy/lafesta could be cheaper by 300k at least

Hii sii sawa na kuweka grapes, mapera, ndizi, machungwa, apples na mananasi kwa.kikapu.moja na kuuliza ni gani tamu kwa hizi?

It’s quite a good car for the price,but I view it as a larger version of demio.