Dual iphone

so let me get this straight: apple actually makes dual iphones but for the asian market only specifically china, hong kong and singapore. so they bend the rules for some markets but then other markets get the short end of the stick. very interesting.

What %age of the Kenyan population can afford an Iphone?

Samsung too, USA and korea gets snapdragon processor rest of the world gets exynos


same na toyota crown.Ile toyota crown hupelekwa Europe na States ni different sana na zenye hukuja Africa.Hii dunia hakuna mtu anapenda nywele ngumu


Ata JDM engines Ni better Kuliko Euro Na American spec

U mean dual SIM… all grown boys iPhones are duos what are u talking about either physical dual SIM or 1 esim 1physical

yeah i meant dual sim. those shipped to africa have 1 physical sim and esim. those in asia have 2 physical sim trays

They have bowed to pressure by the EU. They are now moving to type C cables.

Those brought here are those from Japanese domestic market. Model not sold new here in Kenya. Let’s forget about the rest of Africa. Other than engine options, sidhani iko any difference. Interior? Nah. It’s the Toyota flagship sedan. Do you have specifics on what makes it different? Hope that you are not confusing it with the USDM Camry

One big challenge with talkers is that they think that the way their thought process works is the way that talkers consume whatever they want to say.Jaribu kuji express in kiswahili ama shengtezzo maybe enigma atakuelewa.
Camry is another can of worms all together sir.My specifics were on the luxury features that are supposed to come as standard,which doesnt seem to be present when you go to auctions and rep yojrself as coming from Africa.

Says a guy who resides in Eastlands. That was besides the point. You realize that the Crown can only be sold in the US as a Lexus. That is a separate brand, really. So they only share the chassis. What you are trying to say (in Chinese phones terminology) does not apply. Crowns from Japan are sold in up to 6 trim levels across all model years at any one point. So a fully loaded one will only miss out on the Lexus specific engine, but the dash and leather interior will be available

The Enigma stays in a 100% owned 5 bedroomed semi detached massionette located along Raila Odinga Way formerly known as Mbagathi way,sir.Na imagine Enigma only has one wife and one kid.Sio kama wewe unaishi kwa one roomed shack with your Nyar Okuyu wife who is dishing it to Enigma on the side ndio angalao mukule kuku once a week.
The dash and leather interior are never available for the African markets.And while ordering you have to be super specific otherwise climate control,led headlamps and foglights,side impact beams,soft suspension will be available only on viewsasa sir.

I will ignore the genetic luo -small dick-self reaffirmation attempt and head straight into the substantive matter at hand. You are talking phone language. Like mara Samsung’s from India bla bla bla, those made for African bla bla bla. Bullshit!

The Crowns you see here, all of them, were imported used from Japan. The former Toyota Kenya stopped selling Japan sourced cars with the NZE in the early 2000s when they really burned their fingers when guys started importing them for 550k. So no Crowns sold in the Kenyan brand new with dealer support. Full stop.

Thanks sana for this information. Kumbe simu yangu ni dual na sijui!

I hate this stupid chip. I had a Galaxy S5 that would behave like it’s in kernel panic mode. I have a S6 Edge that is just dead because of the chip.
SD chips on the other hand are mostly paired with single-sim phones that are network-locked. Unless someone you know just came from South Korea, you are stuck with Exynos or single-sim Snapdragon.