DT Dobie Kuchinja Customer

@Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii hebu kuja hapa kidogo. I remember you warning a nigga about kukamuliwa na DT Dobie but I never thought it was this serious :eek:. Na ni kuinuliwa tu hata air suspension haijaharibika.
@D… Mungai benz inakupelekaje? DT Dobie huwakamua hivi? [ATTACH=full]292902[/ATTACH]

356k ni Probox mpya Bana. Au second hand fielder

German cars (luxury sedans) are not made for Kenyan infrastructure. That is what most Kenyans will never understand. Huku bumps zinatoshana Mt.Longonot na potholes kama Menengai Crater. The total cost of running a German luxury Sedan in Kenya is not the same as that of running the same car in Monaco/Europe. To own a German luxury sedan in Kenya you better have deep pockets - very deep pockets. Sio kukuwa na 5 million na kukimbilia benz. Basically, it suits mtu hatafeel hiyo pinch ya such costs - meaning true birrioneas, not a young blood trying to make it.

Hizi garage za kenya hunishangaza. Hata wakiokota pesa aje hawawezi upgrade mazingara. Unapata garage ni field tu ya vumbi/mawe na oil kila mahali. How much does it cost to install some cabro paving, or even tarmac the compound? I know it’s not a priority, but upgrading these aspects allows you to kamua your customers some more because you present an air of sophistication.


What you call luxury here,they call them taxis there ,luxury ni kina lambo na ndugu zake. Ni mentality ya ubonobo unafanya vitu zikue expensive just because its luxury,a new CLA 500 2019 goes for barely 2.9 but ilete hapa itakua triple,sahau exchange rate. Take building a medium size pool,ile quotation nimeona so far is enough to rebuild my pigsty

4x4 is the way to go.land rover, land cruiser, g wagon .

Mine is done by an ex Daimler AG mech. I save a lot. DT Dobie hunyorosha watu vibaya, though their service is top notch.

Looks like unaskiaga uchungu sana ukiona ‘young boys’ na German machines

Hotels like Kempinski and other high end brands, locally, also use mercedes, BMWs etc to ferry guests to and from the airport. In Germany, mercedes is used as a cab for such hotels. A mercedes is a luxury vehicle, even in Europe, let nobody lie to you. Only that more people can afford it there than here.

DT Dobie, Nissan Kenya, Toyota Kenya etc cater to the Captains Of Industry. Usiende uko if you are a hustler.

Do you own or have you ever owned a German machines ama ni mehemehe tuu? Put another way, have you ever driven a European masin ama have you ever been a passenger in a German masin?

I have never owned, or plan to own a German machine, any time soon, even if I can easily afford one. I have driven many German machines though. Have you??..ama ni maswali mingi tu kama polisi

For German machines, there’s some place at Shauri Moyo, along Ngiya Rd., you’ll never regret!!!

Ata @ochithunder opened a centre to service German machines. I think he deals with BMWs.

Watu wa Uganda huendesha hizo benz, walimu wa kawaida. Shida ya kenya ni middle class hypocrites. Mbona mtu anapeleka gari DT Dobie na kuna mechanics kando ya njia wanaeza fanya io kazi? Ile gari Jeff Koinange hujiona amefika nayo Kenya huendeshwa na mwalimu wa kawaida Uganda. Abolish car age limits.

Those dealerships survive on corruption. Abolish corruption and they collapse in 2 days.

First of all

Joe Muchiri is a scum. Amenunua gari juzi Sasa we won’t live in peace, juzi tu alikua anashuka uber mtaa kwa boot now he is trying to tell people chini chini he bought a German car through incredible stories with insane amounts.

New Model Auto has done to me alot of things and it’s not expensive at all. Joe is looking for mileage tu.


New Model Auto is a garage I wanted to partner will ericko the owner. He is a specialist in Benz. @captain obvious he was in Ngong Road but he shifted to Inda think Jan. So how the place looks I believe he will change sooner. The guy is a specialist sana. We were to team up, go for sliced benz*s from Dubai and selling them as spares here in Kenya. But I shifted base.

Then where did you get the conviction that they are expensive to maintain hence your conclusion that one has to have deep pockets?

And yes it might be expensive to others but when you go German usiwe unatapatapa.
He did software FM expansion and running day lights without dim light on zote was around 50k. Last year November.

Then as you can see after 2 weeks we did full blown ecu clocking to maximum limit of HP + removing turbo lag. That costs around 80k.

Gari sai inapick kama shiet… So this things are there yes it costs money

Get this in your head. Mercedes Benz is a premium car whether they are used as taxis or not in Germany. Even in the US where many people can afford them, they are still considered luxury cars and many desire them
Akina lambo and ferrari in a category inaitwa super cars and even then, there are some police forces that use them to chase criminals and traffic offenders. Does that make them less of supercars?

DT Dobie has always been a scam.