DSthieves and Zuku satellite

My house has three people living in there and i am always on the internet. So the other two shift through local FTA TV channels and I can see the frustration because there is nothing to watch especially on weekends like this. The picture quality of digital terrestrial is also crap. So I checked DSTv offers and i can see that i have to pay kitu 5k PM to get documentaries and some other decent stuff. I check Zuku satellite and they got even Natgeo Gold on their 1500 bob premium offer, but no supersport which i dont give a hoot about. I only love boxing and weightlifting. So as you can guess I am endeared to zuku on the basis of channel list.
Sasa wakumbwa swali langu ni:
Since I know picture quality on Dsthieves is tops with HD and all that, how does Zuku satellite compare in rendering pictures and overall quality? Ama ni shida tupu?

Umejua tayari ni @Shida Tupu

What is the problem. poor quality ama?

Ikiwa utaweka zuku internet si uweke zuku cable tv, its more stable

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Kama una Internet si ubuy smart tv ulipie zile additional channels unataka… Ata YouTube nowadays wako nazo

Zuku cable is some 120 or so metres and a few houses away. Their cable TV, Which I had the chance of watching, is not the best quality too. I would have chosen the cable though if it were available. I can’t stream. I am on safaricon on which i spend a fortune a month.

Pic quality ya satellite channels iko juu, so no worries there but dsthieves wamekucheza hapo kwa HD channels.

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Kwa hivo zuku satellite can match dsthieves when it comes to quality? Because the only thing i thought DSthieves have over digital terrestrial providers is high quality picture and sound.

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this is within range. I installed the zuku net and cable TV from a connection that was three KPLC electricity poles away. Have you asked them and they said it can’t be done?

Three electricity poles is very near.
Well the cable just came that near a few weeks ago. So I went to one of the zuku offices and the guy at the counter said that the specific area doesnt have the cable. The guy was behaving like a female so i didnt bother press him much.

So now what do you derive from watching weightlifting?

Some wanking material?

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I meant the sports I like. I watch boxing and do some gym.

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But you do wank to big muscled men, right?


DSTV is a good bargain. I like it especially because it has a wide selection of channels. Ukichukuwa dstv explora you would be surprised how much you can do with it, from recording episodes to watch later and what not… Its like 15k or so p.m na watu wako wasiwahi kukusumbua tena. Hiyo ni mancave kahawa wendani…

Hebu piga hesabu 5k p.m, that’s 60k in a year.

Ukinunua 6ft dish, LNBs kadhaa na satellite receiver kama strong ama freesat and related paraphernalia, you can get so much more at half that amount upfront, which you will never pay again. Which one seems more pocket friendly in the long run?


As a peasant thinketh

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tafuta mahali pengine chief.

I will look into the explora but 15k is an overkill given that i must have cable internet soon or i am going to burn this place up.

Hizo HD channels ni zipi? You may wanna consider Azam as well.

Peasantry from the perennial striking professional