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men hitting on a painting :D:D:D

[ATTACH=full]255173[/ATTACH]own goal. Mcooundu

Yako ndio mbaya zaidi leo umeanikwa ukitupia shemale mtama … chieth!

“Show bob and vegana” gang

Stop consoling yourself…

Woishe. Walikuanika?? Usilie…

Kama chungu Tema

Mwanaume Ni effort wewe

Fundi wa mkono you have no right to quote anyone manze…si ni wewe juzi ulicomplain disabled people wameweka traffic jam thika road ?? .how heartless!!!
Cc @Nyamgondho
Traffic alert... - General - Kenya Talk

@Thiem uliangusha senior chiefs.

Wrink my dear?

kamata ngoma yao hapa …

Just so a 23 years old constable who is a mpangoh to a 59yrs 8 months old almost retiring nigger. I was sad for her, he might be the big dog at @pamba line in our county, but after his retirement she shall be an NCO mpangoh. It’s the wall in my line.:D:D for alfabets gays.

Leteni link :D:D:D

:D:D:D…kumbe ii handle ni yako.
I only mentioned nimekwama 1:30min kama io ni kucomplain i am guilty as charge.
I also clearly stated i switched off my moti kuenda kusikiliza masaibu yao.
Henyway i can’t help you with how petty mind interprets things.


Walingoa thread…

Ata wewe ulianikwa:D