Dryfrying 4 hookers update

I went to take pep regimen but I was also found with a UTI which I got antibiotics for…I’m finishing my regimen this week but somehow I still want to dry fry hookers. Am I sick or what’s wrong with me?


Are you depressed or even suicidal


Rest in peace in advance

administrator ana tafuta pesa ya Christmass.


Pesa gani na hakuna adverts kwa hii site?

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Niaje @tauren

Admin anaudhi saidi of late banae


My fren utahara Kwa ndo. You must change your ways. Strap your shit or you’ll get a slow puncture.

You could be struggling with something that’s psychologically weighing you down. Seek help

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Your condition is known as fatalism

I think the most urgent step is to first use protection. Hayo mengine ya addiction nini nini utasort baadaye


upus, die you dic head

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praying hail mary GIF

There is only 2% chance buda, Bora usiwe a repeat offender on the same lanyes. Hata ivyo naona ukidedi na ukedi ukiendelea na io tabia kijana

I had to google this, i guess that’s it but funny thing is i’m feeling this way despite improving my life drastically over the years

you need to visit a counselor

Lanyes are there to provide service, not death. There are quicker ways to kill yourself.


You are on the right track, vunja mifupa kama meno ingali ipo na ukumbuke peremende haina utamu ikimumunywa ikiwa ndani ya karatasi. Wa dryfry kwani iko nini.


@PERDITION umetulia sana…lkni naona mnamake headway na @MTINGIZA_KITANDA…At least mnaoshana mcoosh na kufungana diaper

Kula wao kisha ukojoe immediately ita flush out bacteria na virus.

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