source ni questionable, keep the rubber on kama utaki kuwa crash test dummy

Not even questionable ni fake source

HAKUNA haja ya kuwa control experiment. experiment carefully wanakijiji

Even though the news is true, testing of the drug is yet to be conducted in humans and can take not less than 5 years to prove it works. So, no need to have high expectations.

If true, big pharmas will shoot it down like a motherfvcker.

Huyo Allan Wasike ni punda tu. The real story is that Edagwa has lead a team which has been able to develop an ARV for HIV which can be taken once a year instead of monthly or daily. The original paper doesn’t even contain the word "vaccine ". You can read it for yourself here: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0142961217306646


Epukana na ukimwi majamaa wa malanye

Sheath up my friend

Hata na sheath my friend bado utapatikana. Hio kitu kuburst ni dakika moja. Ogopa slay queens mjamaa