Dry spell

It was only after girls started giggling and “acting funny” did teachers at Dede Secondary School realise they were excited over a sex orgy they had enjoyed the night before.
Five to 10 boys from Manyatta Secondary School are believed to have hiked 34 kilometres on Sunday night to the girls’ hostel housing about 100 students.
The educators and guardians of the girls’ morality had been clueless about the goings-on.
Eleven girls were suspended.
The boys left around 9pm after preps and upon arrival they sneaked into the girls’ dormitory.
It is believed the students organised the party through mobile phones, which are banned.
It is also believed the midnight frolics are a regular occurrence.
“The orgy was planned by Form Four students who allowed the boys in the hostel, and only left after midnight,” a girl from St Mary Goretty’s told reporters.
She has been suspended.
An administration official at the girls’ school said 11 students were suspended on Monday.
They are expected to report back on July 17 to face the school’s board of governors for disciplinary action.
The suspended students are in forms one through four.
“Unfortunately, we did not hear commotion from the hostel throughout the period the orgy was going on.
“Teachers only got wind of it during the school assembly when some girls acted funny and appeared to be overexcited. Upon investigation, the sad truth started to unravel,” the administrator said.
On Tuesday, St Mary’s principal Lucy Odera declined to comment, saying the party is under investigation.
At Manyatta High School, principal Evans Baraza termed the incident “shameful”, and said they too are investigating.

Kwani siku hizi watu wa multibet walihama? Nipewe kama tano hivi nikamue muhindi

Hehehe funny incident

Kwani hiyo school haina fence, gates ama watchmen?
Hostels hakuna matrons?

Madhara ya kuogeza bei ya mafuta taa.

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Hehehe… The party is still under investigation hii ni kare #dryspell things

Possible. My former high school had no fence when I was there.

Orgy msee :D:D:D

Them bitches just couldn’t keep calm. now you know why you don’t go on a mission with daughters of eve


Dry spell haitambui hizo vitu umetaja hapo.
Have you ever seen a Bull/Cow on heat…haitambui fence kamwe.

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Seems you live in another Kenya, most schools are not well fenced. Some even dont have one, also use your imagination, kama wako na watchie wawili they can easily distract them. The board has no grounds whatsover to interdict any student, i believe hawakupelekwa hosiie for check up, so no efidens or mbisha to support. Also 34km sio short distance while walking unless walitumwa na whatsapp ie ni kama Kenyatta road to Nairobi. There are so many holes in this hekaya.

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Willing fucker, willing fuckee. No one is complaining.


To quote a fisherman on Lake Victoria, “Damu napiiiga!”:D:D:D

Kwetu pia hakukua fence but we were disciplined na ispokuwa naogopa kufungwa ningekamua msupa wa high school.

Eeh 34 km… Thats what pu§§y can do

@PEKKA si ungetumia jina kama Hog rider ama Valkyrie

Hio ya 34 km trek naona ni uongo. May be they were taken there by boda bodas.

Dry spell ni mbaya kweli 34 km?

Labda walienda na Boda boda na Hao boda pia wakaingia wakapewa slices, madem mia ni wengi jo!

na ni dryfry