Dry-spell led me to Crazy website for Kenyan sex hook-up

My Dry-spell led me to Crazy website for Kenyan sex hook-up I didn’t know exists.

So I have been on a the longest Dry spell ever, 1 year without feeling the warmth of a female on me. The baddest blue balls a man can ever have was stuck between my legs.

This feeling of not having sex for the longest time was getting to me so bad I would erect hard at anything with a pussy. The torture was so bad, I wet my bed every time I work up.

One day my lady friend spotted my erected and made a statement that at that time made me think it was a joke… she said" kwani wewe haujui www.NairobiFinest.com itaku kamulia hizo mkaende". This statement stuck on my mind.

On my way home, I thought to myself how a website could cure my blue balls, so I took out my phone and wrote the URL www.nairobifinest.com on Google. To my surprise, it hard all this Kenyan ladies from every town I could think of, with there phone number written on there individual profile marked best nude massage.

I finally got home but still hooked to this amazing website. Then I decided to try it out, I clicked on call button of one hot girl that claimed to be from my hood and surprisingly it was her on the phone, she gave me a favourable response and price Wich I accepted to pay, then she agreed to host me at her crib Wich was close by.

30 minutes late, I got to the direction gave to me by the fine girl from the website. I called her again and to my surprise she came out of her crib looking fly. We then went into her crib and 2hrs late, I got out feeling relived and healed of my dry-spell.

you are just marketing your shitty prostitution website

Wishing it was… they gave me good service

Kwani unatudharau aje msee? Hata kama ni shameless marketing, put some effort buana.

which website did you go to?

Boy child here is signing a contract that he has not read, his small head is overwhelmed :D[ATTACH=full]393683[/ATTACH]


Hizi sites hawa hoes hulipia like monthly ama
Inakaa Biz lucrative


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nvs naona mumeland na fujo

Why did you stop?

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There are far better websites than that, and those websites have a higher quality of meat on the menu. This long winded story is just a very transparent attempt at marketing your crappy website. Trying improving the quality of the site and then you won’t need to dream up fictional stories and post them here hoping for people to visit your site.

hizi ni ma cat fish tuu

Umebomoa luhga ya wenyewe ndugu:D. Anyway message received :smiley:

massage republic 254 was good… the owner only allowed real photos from kungurus but later changed

alafu ukaacha…lakini sometimes mnabebanga watu wana… how were you making it?

Really, how much for your services?

Nothing new here… Just a re designed nairobihot.com… Same old whores… Website marketing ndio inaendelea hapa!!

10k a day, that’s 300k a month uliacha Kuwa manager wa safaricom ama bank or what?

Hahaha hah reminds me of those mganga kutoka tanga clowns. They always advertise themselves through proxies who give sob stories about how their husband’s were cheating on them, or how their businesses have been failing, then they heard about mganga wa kutoka tanga who sorted all their marital issues. Upusssss