Dry Fry....


Uko sure huyu si crossdresser @Obaba ?

Dry fry is the official Ktalk mode of “laying pipe” , Titanium alloy condoms are only recommended if the Ktalk mbirrionaire is HIV+

They say “eyes are window to the soul”
I see darkness

Ni @MTINGIZA KITANDA!!! amewekewa make-up.

Is that sarcasm?

Unfortunately it ain’t it. Sad

Oh i thought it was teacher…kindly educate me teacher. What was that?

Unaeza Salimiana na @Agwambo while at it. And I mean it literally.

We call it the thousand cock stare… The stare of hopelessness

Yeah upakwe smegma bure

She is just a nasty girl. She is a pornstar from Rwanda but she lives in Kenya. Her Instagram name is Queen Tahshaar. If you go on twitter, you might see a preview of her porn

Nothing like Nasty

A tipsy man sees the sad face–oh, she’s been crying!–he is filled with a soft, warm glow of lust, pity and generosity, and he asks for Dwy Fyi, without knowing why…

She can take dick all day any day. No holding back. Nimeona vingine Telegram and the type of Dildo she is using, she can handle anything trust me. Kwanza the way she is Petit, you can fuck her while spinning her around as if you are on a DJ booth mixing songs


Boss …
Some women just got it …


That Primeval , “come hither” , “you can have anything you want” look will work wonders on any Juvenile … :D:D

Dead right, it’s the downfall of many a juvenile. @rexxsimba must’ve been a willing victim, time after time.

I have known that today,thanks. I have seen this kind of stares around brothels and clubs.

Brothel patrons will know this look and avoid such like a disease. Either ako na kasoro kubwa kama ugonjwa or she’s dead inside to the point she’s become asexual.