Dry fry material


hakuna matako apo. machoos tu!!!

Hard pass


I’d do her

Kwa mkundu of coss

Siwezi mind kulipwa 1m

@Admin_is_traitor is @cortedivoire who is secretly @Blacks4Trump

@Admin_is_traitor == @cortedivoire

I said KULIPWA big difference

Imagine contracting std or hiv from
such a shapeless hoe


Siwezi lipa more than 200

She’s not appeasing

Sewer-ziii lipa hata!

Typical shiny hoe. Flat ass, boxy shoulders, big shapeless breasts and a large balding forehead.

Hii ni typical waithera syndrome she just knows how to stand in a manner unadhani kuna haga hapo but hamna kitu bro

The analysis here seems like you have smoked something good. I agree she is posing. Rack popped out and the foot is bent to lift an imaginary ass.

I’d rather buy tomatoes…

Wacha ikae