Parents are pathetic in doing their work

Expound tafasali…

I’m starting to question my choice of having my daughter attend a Christian mission school. Fuck man, I can’t do shit anymore without being made to pray. I now gotta go around the corner to have a cigarette or burn a blunt. Can’t swear without someone rolling their eyes and yelling Dad. The little devil got me by her little finger man … trying to turn me. I don’t even belief in religion nevermind Christianity. I can’t believe we had to pull all those strings to get her into that school. What a fuck up … heri angeenda public school… singekuwa na hii mashida yote sahii.

Nakumbuka tukifunga chuo high school lazima tungepitia wines and spirit unapiga ka dry… i think ilikuwa kenya cane or kenya king not sure. In a plastic bottle

Huyo amekula Mali yake. Wakati zitashuka he’ll feel like he’s in hell being ran a train on

Sikuwahi kunywa pombe nikiwa high school. Lakini Christmas lazima ningepiga Pilsner tatu nne

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