Drunk Officer Staggers In Buruburu With A LOADED AK47. Arrested By Touts

Hapa aliokolewa

Wangerusha kwa mtaro then take the gun to the station.

Hivyo ndio job imeenda. Alcoholism is a disease.

Buruburu police officer seen on video staggering dies by suicide

Great way to get charged with stealing a firearm. Even if the police knew you are just returning it.

Life ni hard payslip haina kitu …osc amesema ukuwe O.B desk daily, huwezi toanisha raia hongo…what next

those are fellow plain clothes cops

Definitely ata vile ameshika hiyo bunduki


hiyo jeki ni signature move yao.

@pamba , wewe Bado iko duniani ama umeenda Ile upande ya mstakiwa kabla uhukumiwe jehanam


Alijiua. Hongo haisaidii

@pamba = @Silverback83

Hard to feel sorry for this chaps !

He later committed suicide

Who said he was a killer, wakenya wacheni hizi, he just needed help.

Wajackoyah akiingia 6am sharp on the dot halafu nichaguliwe interior minister, by 2pm hio 9th August nitachapisha kwa Kenya Gazette an order authorising citizens to hunt down and arrest such errant officers. Those arrested shall be sent to vipingo to work in sisal plantations.

Why suicide? Seems like an extreme reaction to something that could have been dealt with.

Dont judge, may be he is dealing with depression which is rife in the force. But its risky.