Drunk Nyandarua Police officer disrupts couple's lunch date, eats their food and injures man

  • The police officer walked into the restaurant and found the couple enjoying their lunch date - He proceeded to their table and without washing his hands, he scooped pieces of meat from their plates and ate them
  • When the couple refused to eat the food, the law enforcer gobbled down the remaining delicacies and demanded the lovers buy him alcohol - That was when a fight ensued and the man was injured by the officer who even tore his shirt
  • When he resorted to reporting the matter in a nearby police station, the rogue officer cut him off and even beat him up in front of the OCS before he was subdued by fellow law enforcers

Drama ensued at Heroes restaurant, in Ndaragwa, Nyandarua county after a rowdy police officer ate the food of a couple, Jane Njoki and Geoffery Githu, who were having a lunch date and beat up the man.

D- like this.

Huyo natulia tu for 1 week, nunulia maboys bangi ya 500 na pombe ya 200 hiyo D- idungwe justice kiasi hadi akose kazi for a week.

Ata mimi that kind of disrespect siwezi tolerate banae. Lazima nisake wahedhe wamgonge hizo joints mpaka ajue.