Drunk JaKuon Angers Supporters

These supporters are a funny lot. They revel in accusations of Uhuru being under the influence and create false stories of drug use. When JaKuon is captured on video drunk as a skunk, they throw tantrums because people notice! Kwani wanafikiri wakikasirika, the sun won’t rise from the east? Bure sana…

[SIZE=6]Leaked footage of drunk Kenyan opposition leader wearing a Santa hat and slurring his words sparks outrage among his supporters


Poosy supporters, Jakuon fake supporters.

Tuliona 25th

The fellow was amongst friends when one idiot decided to record, which I is a big nono all men should have that in their DNA! The other fellow was scratching arse in public while ranting.

Ulifukuza birrionare Jimmy huku.

I have it by reliable authority he came back as a pink handle

@GeorginaMakena ?

Babuon has been drinking and issuing drunk statements like forever which the stupid Kenyan githeri media splash as headlines leading to the common tired nonsense of… ‘we are going to make a big announcement’.

baba anakunywa during christmas si kama uhunye anakunywa daily from morning to jioni makali . cheeeeeersss

Enda kalale, funda.

mathighs , wacha nikamue nyoka kwanza


kuja nikununulie chips muoto

You mean he grew a pink one?

There’s solace in the bottle!

Kila MTU na starehe yake shiet

You read a story published on Thursday, Dec 28th 2017 on the 25th? ESP?

If you weren’t so kimbelembele, you’d have noticed that is not the drunken video, its the jakuonist reaction to it that’s the story.

Or maybe it’s the offended reaction of jakuonists that revived the ‘leaked’ video…?

I don’t see whats wrong with baba having a drink what is wrong is some close friend recording what seems like private moments and publishing them! But you gotta give it to the Man for consistency yaani akiwa bado na closest confidants bado anafikiria kuhusu caanan!

Sad and pathetic!