Drunk driving: mjamaa wa Mark X

Mark X guy ameamua kuingia drive-thru shopping hapo OLA petrol station, ABC Place. Happened around 9pm yesterday

Insurance italia kwa choo

Kama ni third party ,hii ghaseer italia kwa choo.

Powerful Rwd cars + alcohol + youth shenanigans = disaster.

I thought insurance doesn’t cover for accidents caused by negligence

The design team of the structure didn’t consider the possibility of such a scenario. I think barriers could have prevented damage of property and life if any was lost.

This guy should be jailed for drunk driving and have his driving license permanently revoked.
Huyu hafai kuguza gari tena.

This is Kenya bro. In some countries the DL comes with points and they drop or addup according to your behaviour on the road. Getting one point can be as costly as 500 US$.

Ajali haina kinga dadii. You can’t be 100% proactive.

Some accidents can be prevented that’s why I talked of the design team.

Drunk driving? As long as the insurance will be able to prove negligence on part of the driver, I fear the cover will be void

Of course some can. May be this is not part of the some. Design team may not forsee everything

Hio gari inabaki kwa hio store iuzwe to pay for damages.

I strongly disagree with your view. If you drink and drive you have zero excuse. Hiyo ina kinga. Careless driving even when sober can also be avoided. That is why people are taught how to drive safely. Any other way of operating a vehicle is madness. A car is just a machine, it doesn’t think, maintain or operate itself. Its driver is the problem, so ignoring road safety regulations is what injures or kills people, not the car itself.

Hata sioni manze ikitosha…price ya Mark X ya 2007 ni 600k…that damage could easily be over 1mill. Doors, glass, shelves, stocked goods.

Unalewa then drive halafu useme ajali haina kinga,i used to admire you but your IQ is making me backtrack

He should be jailed for two weeks bila option ya fine, apate discipline.
Ni nidhamu tu amekosa,

You are trying to fault the designer for not anticipating a drunk moron driving through the structure? What of Mark designer not anticipating there will be drunk morons and setup sensors for that such that car won’t move… See where this is going?

Waiyaki way all through Lavington mpaka ufike roundabout ya Dennis pritt always has reckless/drunk drivers on the weekends especially at night. Subaru and Mark X boys mostly.

Come on man, get my perspective. I was answering a question regarding the accident to the shop owner. The accident to the driver was actually self called but to the shop owner not really. Just like you can be carefully driving then a careless driver rams on you. Ungejikinga aje hapo? I’m also addressing those who have liked your post, they are equally blind