Drumpf's attack dog may have bitten him

Drumpf’s attack dog may have bitten him

• Rudolph Giuliani, who recently joined President Trump’s legal team, may have made things worse for his client by revealing the existence of payments to Michael Cohen, the president’s personal lawyer.

The transfers were used, in part, to reimburse Mr. Cohen for the $130,000 he had paid to the porn star known as Stormy Daniels. Mr. Trump had previously denied knowing about the transactions but confirmed their existence on Thursday.

Catching other White House aides off guard, Mr. Giuliani said his comments were meant to show that no campaign finance laws had been broken. We explain how the disclosures could open Mr. Trump to other legal trouble.

Mr. Giuliani’s revelation came during an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, traditionally a safe space for the president.

I feel like Rudy convinced the Donald that accepting the obvious before investigation will be the best legal course to take. Maybe beyond accepting that he paid the porn-star money, they can then evaluate what is in public domain and what is not and how to circumvent to avoid impeachment because, campaign money.
However, Rudy is also a shady Italiano that lost bitterly to Trump in the primaries. And those Italians have a peculiar brand of revenge.