Drumpf Throws Down The Gauntlet

I dare you…cross that line! Popcorn!

[SIZE=6]Trump warns Democrats about investigations: “I’m better at that game than they are”[/SIZE]
From CNN’s Jeremy Diamond


President Donald Trump warned Democrats on Wednesday about the consequences of spending their time investigating his administration.

Trump cautioned that if Democrats make that decision, he will [sic] the GOP Senate to investigate Democrats, pointing to “leaks” and “many other things” that he accused Democrats of engaging in.

“All you’re going to do is end up in back and forth and back and forth and two years are going to go up” and we won’t have gotten a thing done, Trump said.

“We can look at them, they can look at us and then we can look at them and then it’ll go back and forth.”

But the President predicted he will benefit politically if Democrats focus on investigating his administration, saying, [COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]“I think I’m better at that game than they are.”

It’s a down hill path for the good ol USA from here to 2020…



[media] https://jwp.io/s/ZQTd6m8E[/media]

Where is @Purple and the sidekick @patco??? Why the tantrum? :slight_smile:

That presser was just hilarious to watch. Trump handing out another big fuck you to the liberal media. For a moment he seemed like he was ready to punch Jim Acosta in the face.

Who’s going to teach this overgrown toddler how to talk and make sense??

And you find that admirable?

Hehe i like how he deals with those fake news mongerers…he puts them in their place!

blame conservative America for electing the racist buffon to the white house.His tenure has been viewed as embarrassing by many Americans,but I must admit I find his fights with the liberal media really funny to watch sometimes.

May I interrupt your hilarity by saying that ‘the liberal media’, ‘fake news’ and other such characterizations are his creations and excuses for her s failures?

When he criminalizes the media and openly ridicules journalists who (rightfully) question him, he implicitly sends signals to crazies who think that they can correct the situation with physical threats and letter bombs.

Trevor Noah is wanking to today’s events.
He is gonna have such a great show today.

I feel your sentiments. You and I both know that Americans made a big mistake by electing a clearly unstable reality TV wannabe as their president. His whole tenure is just one slow train wreck.These are sad times for the great United states.Just today he has fired the Attorney General Jeff Sessions,the comedy skit from Washington continues.:smiley:

Ahem Steve Colbert…

He reminds me of Malema. :D:D:D:D:D

Eagerly waiting for it!

Since when did governments become a soap opera. Same thing happened in the grand coalition government. Politicians fighting over leadership roles for themselves and getting nothing done for the people. Do we need governments people?

About yesterday’s elections, despite what the liberal media wants to claim as a “blue wave,” it really wasn’t. Republicans maintained control of the Senate and added seats.

The same exact thing transpired during Obama’s first term, where Dems lost control of the House.

The recent spate of events is by no means a referendum on Trump or a predictor of bad things to come in future. All this means is more gridlock at Washington which isn’t so bad. Trump already got in his pick of 2 SC judges, so we cruising along until 2020.


Oh and by the way, @Amused get used to saying Governor DeSantis and soon…Governor Kemp! :D:D

Trump referred to the polls as a referendum, so who are you to negate that?

[SIZE=7][B]President Trump Turned the Midterms Into a Referendum on Himself[/B][/SIZE]

He’s still the President right? Enjoy your small, short lived victory but the real ‘referendum’ will be in 2020. The only thing House Democrats may achieve is subpoena power but why hasn’t Mueller found anything substantial to report? Trump will not be impeached because there’s no basis for it.

You sound conflicted, as if your ‘tukutane kwa debe’ yesterday didn’t quite deliver what you expected. 2020 will be even worse.