Drumpf this Drumpf that...

100+ days later, News flash all you poop talkers and prophets of doom…POTUS45 IS TRUMP. Keep railing on and on and on about the mere hiccups of his young presidency. One thing that will shock all of you AGAIN, is that he is going to WIN. The jobs are trickling in, the stocks are breaking records, illegal immigration is down by a considerable margin, etc.
Shindeni hapo petting your gonads hoping for DJT to fail. we had given the sore losers miaka ka nane to recover from the election shocker. Clearly they’re still within the window period. Keep yapping.

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Nice story now go suck his dick


That reply just glided off your tongue like its your specialty. I’m sure there are closeted fags in this village you can form a caucus and sing kumbaya with. Go find em.

Ati 8 years of sore losers? Which America do you live in? After the disaster that was George W. Bush, it took Obama 8 years to try and clean up the mess. Same as Clinton before him after George H. Bush.

It takes Dems to clean up the mess after the Rethuglicans.

Trust. After Trump, it will take another Dem POTUS to clean his mess.

America has always been great and always will be. Proud to call it my second home after my motherland the ever great Kenya [SIZE=1]without Uthamaki. :smiley: Swali? [/SIZE]




I ignored all the other gibberish before that gem of a line at the very end. Fcuk uthamaki.

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Masweep left right center. leo sijui ni nini na wanavijiji, threads kama zote zimekuwa hivi leo. Matusi

@Jazzman, trust, those Rethuglicans are no better than Uhuru, Ruto, Waiguru, Mafya House, Mutahi Kunyi et al. Bure kabisa wote! o_O:eek:


Impeachment loading…


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Enyewe @Swansea hii kitu umerusha hapa rethuglicans ni funny

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