Drumpf: Spicer Goes Solo!!!

[SIZE=6]Sean Spicer apologizes for ‘even Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons’ gaffe

No longer is the boss needed to get fucked up remarks going, Sean Spicer can goof all on his own.[/SIZE]

I watched this interview and felt sorry for Trump and his administration. Halafu vile CNN hupenda kufuel the fire…hiyo interview itakuwa dissected to the last pause and facial expression…

Comparing the Nazi leader with Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, Spicer told journalists during his regular press briefing at the White House: “We didn’t use chemical weapons in world war two. You had someone as despicable as Hitler who didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons.”

@It’s Le Scumbag,

Drumpf’s White House brought us ‘alternative facts’ and ‘fake news’. Now We’re going to have to deal with ‘revised history’.

No pity at all for Spicer. He called the conference and he has become very addicted to the one-way style he and his boss introduced.

Eti he is taking instructions from the daughter Ivan. Women and their mood swings will ruin US of A. Idonbilivit!

He meant Hitler had the chance to use poison gas in combat but did not.
But let’s not demonise an administration that has stood up to real evil unlike the pussy administration of Obama.

Ati Hitler didnt use poison gas? What are the auschwitz and sobibor showers all about

There is no way Spicer’s take on Hitler can be explained.

If Trump is serious about evil, he needs to see what billion dollars worth of US arms to Saudi Arabia have done to Yemen.

If you ask @horseguard Auschitz is an alternative fact… Or fake news

*in combat
*against his own people
It was a poor comparison though


People still lie Obama is a pussy after the 59 tomahawk missiles zirushwe …be serious kuna difference ya kelele mingi pekee.When you get presidents scared you gone arm his enemies to overthrow you ama ka squad ije iku assassinate.Niggas got leaders who been walking with entourages and fleets wakitolewa kwenye ma shimo live…

yeah, because he was such a humanitarian he only used it in auschwitz and dachau…

Idiots! Everywhere!