Drumpf’s Warning About ‘Scary Black People’

[B][SIZE=7][B]Trump’s Election Warning Is Really About ‘Scary Black People’[/B][/SIZE][/B]

Scaremongering to the white great unwashed

Wonder what the two black Christian Trump supporters in this village say about this

They have dumped their head in their ass. They are 3: purple, patco and mouraythee

aren’t two one of the same? wharramasayin?

You’re so used to mediocrity and empty promises that whatever Trump is doing in transforming America comes as a culture shock to y’all. I repeat, we need a Trump in this shithole…muone ushuru wenu ukitransform lives , sio financial status ya a few dynasties.



Girlfriend, Consult your pastor or mganga. One of your marbles is misfiring.

a mixture of metaphors…a lost marble or a misfiring cylinder…:D:D:D

You’re classy enough to call em Liberals…I address them by their rightful term, libtards(libturds). About my move, the consignment is in transit as we speak. Fingers crossed

first of he never once mentioned black people thisis fake news

But i wish he had black people commit the majority of the crime in this country and target white people. Thousands of whites die at the hands of blacks and blacks rape thousands of white women each year while white men do not rape black women.

You will call me a coon or a white man or a self hater but what I am saying is true. Black people are not good.

The classy hero speaketh:


Should a guy who was such a coward that he dodged the draft 4 TIMES be talking about someone who is captured fighting for America, a war hero? What would he have done since one of the reasons he gave for not joining the army was that he had bone spurs? Think such a guy could have outwitted the Vietcong and North Koreans? By the way those people have small bodied so there’s little to grab or hide under.

Wow! All this time people have been fighting wars was because they hadn’t talked to your majesty, ruler of all wisdom and sage?? I’ll be damned!

By the way, after November, we are getting those tax returns he so doggedly hides…


Then those returns will give you the talking points y’all desperately need for another two weeks before he baits you again to change your narrative.
Poor libturds. Abortions, open borders, three genders, neutral toilets, normalizing pedophilia, bombing countries to smithereens, etc are not things you can support n be sane at the same time. That’s why Trump has gotten y’all on a tailspin.

Funny how McCain is now a hero to these radarless chumps. Omarosa is also a hero after biting the same hand that’s been keeping her relevant. They side with terrorists to spite Trump, burn their flags coz Trump defends it, bla bla bla.
Trump will win despite them, again. And by the time he’s done, he’ll have left some sanity that was almost made extinct by BHO.