Drumpf never disappoints

A vulgar insult to immigrants

• President Trump provoked outrage around the world on Thursday after complaining about Haitians and Africans and asking why the U.S. should accept immigrants from “shithole countries.”

It was the latest example of the president’s penchant for racially tinged remarks. The comments, which the White House did not deny, came during a meeting about giving legal status to immigrants brought to the U.S. as children.
Mr. Trump said more people should be admitted from places like Norway, where his profanity was denounced early today.

Many news outlets took the rare step of using the expletive. Phil Corbett, the standards editor at The Times, said: “It seemed pretty clear to all of us that we should quote the language directly, not paraphrase it.”

He is not wrong if Kenya is included there.

facts only. Trump is right

@wenya had posted but it 2 in the morning.

Drumpf advocates for the economic and political exploitation of these countries but balks when citizens of those countries want to emigrate to the USA. All they are essentially doing is following where their natural resources went. That’s like redirecting rivers from pastoralists’ land and then preventing those pastoralists from following the water.

And some “smart” Kenyans proudly voice their support for the buffoon…

Constable unasema nini?

Are we more shitty than our wetback amigos?

Currently the world all over people are going into protectionist ideology, much similar to the days of Hitler. It’s a sad reality and be assured more of his kind will see no fault. Being right is no longer as cool.

And the Norwegians are right:

Nick Jack Pappas

Trump: “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here? Why not people from Norway?” Norwegians: “Why would we move to a country with a shithole President?”

Kuji console tu

Your own country exploits you economically and politically but you choose to have selective amnesia when it’s your own kind .

Sasa nyinyi mnapiga kelele hapa castigating Uncle Trump na mnafukuza Maina asiingie Friends Kamusinga. Meffi nyinyi.

Trump tano tena shenji wewe

Why do you think the Western powers have zero respect for Africa? It’s because they don’t get any pushback from us. They cannot tell Arabs that they’re shitholes. They know the pushback will be fast and furious. Did you ever see Obama tell Arabs to have gender equality or legalise homosexuality? Even that democracy they prescribe to Africans is a topic Westerners never really preach to Arabs.
Don’t hate Trump for speaking out what Western Nations know but never say out loud.
Didn’t France destroy Libya and suffered no consequences?
I’m curious to see how African leaders will respond to this. They probably will duck their heads and hope it to go away.

Responding is easy for African leaders … who else in the political world are good with words than actions than African leaders ?

At times it’s so humiliating to be considered an African, all because we allow our psychopathic leaders to misuse us. One can now sympathize with Mcooshite’s plea to be considered Ayrab. :D:D

Absolutely correct. They’re on Trump’s case coz he revealed what they say in privacy

Speaking from the perspective of an African man I’ve never been humiliated to be African. An African man is a genetic masterpiece. Testosterone levels are highest in black men and that’s why we dominate every feat that requires stamina. That’s why women want to be with African men. Tall dark n handsome.
On the women side it seems white ladies have taken the cake on things considered feminine. Delicacy, softness, submissiveness etc
I don’t know if that last part is true as I have never been around white ladies for a considerable amount of time. But I have observed black ladies trying hard to look white by putting hair extensions and bleaching their skin and endearing themselves to any white person around

The irony is that most immigrants from those shithole african countries are more educated than your average american…

The UN has already condemned his utterances.
This one will go right down to the Pope.