Drumpf fallout continues unabated


The president took aim at Sen. Dick Durbin for revealing his remarks during a DACA meeting. A pastor blasted the comments while Vice President Mike Pence attended services at a historically black church in Maryland. Anderson Cooper had some thoughts on Trump saying he’s the “least racist person.” And a potential government shutdown lingers behind it all. [/SIZE]

Trump was right… Only idiot and cunt can’t agree… Africa is a shithole

I am looking forward for the first shithole country Trump will visit.
He might not visit Africa at all.

You weren’t hugged enough as a child? You had to throw tantrums to get attention and this has led you to thinking that the only way to be “somebody” is to be an asshole. Don’t worry, there’s many of you. Maybe you should form a support group.

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The only country that is not a shit hole in Africa is Nambia

Except the economy is controlled by whites, nyeuthi wamekandamizwa.

…which proves we can’t manage ourselves. Maybe we should call them back for a decade or so

nambia is an imaginary country concocted by trump , siku sema Namibia

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