Drumpf Attacks Intelligence Chiefs

[SIZE=7]Trump Again Attacks Intelligence Officials After They Contradict His False Claims[/SIZE]
The leaders of top national intelligence agencies released their annual report on worldwide security threats, challenging many of Trump’s false talking points.

By Marina Fang
01/30/2019 11:57 AM ET

President Donald Trump on Wednesday unleashed a stream of insults at the nation’s intelligence officials after they published a report directly contradicting some of his most frequent false claims about foreign policy.

Trump, who has regularly undermined and questioned the work of institutions and officials in his own administration, referred to “the Intelligence people” as “extremely passive and naive” and suggested they “should go back to school.”


Trump’s string of tweets came after the leaders of the top national intelligence agencies on Tuesday released their annual report on worldwide security threats. The report challenged many false talking points frequently made by the president, who is known to not read his regular intelligence briefings, preferring to receive important information from Fox News, his favorite cable news network.

Dan Coats, Trump’s director of national intelligence, testified before the Senate Tuesday that intelligence officials have no evidence to conclude that Iran is close to producing a nuclear weapon — contradicting Trump’s claim that Iran is “coming very close to the edge.”

Coats also contradicted Trump’s previous claim that the U.S. had defeated ISIS, telling senators that “ISIS is intent on resurging.”
The report also detailed Russian efforts to interfere in U.S. elections, as well as the threat of climate change on national security.

Trump has taken Russian President Vladimir Putin’s word over that of his own intelligence officials’ conclusion that the country’s government interfered in U.S. elections, amid the ongoing investigations into whether his 2016 campaign colluded with Russia.

The president has also falsely propagated the conspiracy theory that climate change is a hoax.

Drumpf is stupidity become flesh. He contradicts experts who protect him, as he cavorts with sworn foes like Putin and that guy with a funny haircut and depressing black togs.

@Sokwe mtu ni mbwa


Jinga sana

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that North Korea has been pulling Drumpf’s leg. What is baffling is why the curmudgeon sticks to a gun loaded with blanks…


What your title should have read - TRUMP LACKS INTELLIGENCE - CHIEFS. Much more accurate.


North Korea said they have no intention of shutting down their nuclear tests if Trump does not call back his soldiers in S. Korea. Trump ako kwa shida.

The same experts who told your beloved George Bush that there were nokula weapons in Iraq?! Those experts?


It’s funny how liberals ignore recent history. It’s just amazing. Just a few years ago the song was , “Bush lied, CIA lied, FBI lied, NSA lied, there were no nuclear arms, it was all about oil!!”

A decade later, “Why won’t that dumbass listen to the experts ?”