Drug dealer and conman meet to discuss "the youth agenda for 2021"

If you believe Starehe MP Shaos Njagua got fabulously rich from sijui selling/maintaining vehicles, wewe ni mushienzi wa mwisho. Nonini na yeye aliingia usanii akapata kumbe pesa ziko kwa cartel za copyright. Since he couldn’t eat with the veterans wa MCSK, he formed PRISK, which has been terrorising movie shops, cyber cafes, and other business establishments for years now. He no longer needs to attend any shows because his goons bring in enough money in the name of fighting for the rights of artists. Hawa ndio sasa wanaset youth agenda for twedi twedi one. Lord have mercy.

Starehe MP Jaguar shows off his massive living room during meeting with rapper

Hapa ni Kenya !!!
Drug dealers, thieves, conmen etc are respected people…we call them waheshimiwa.


Kenya is a gangsters paradise

Ati Jaguar alifungua kinyozi na carwash akakuwa multi-millionare. Hapo ndio alipata pesa ya campaign.

What a load of crap!!!

Don’t forget ule wa kuuza kuku

Let us protect our leaders, let us protect our cartels, next ni mimi mtakua mnaskia, sahizi na supply kuruka, mali yangu sahii iko umoja na inapendwa saana.

These young men are good at what they do. Otherwise they wouldn’t be where they are right now we’re it not for their ingenuity. Period.