Drug Baron Suspects

What purpose dis this expose serve? Absolutely none


It shows how powerful they are… nothing happened.

Sleep paralysis - Sleep paralysis is a feeling of being conscious but unable to move. I RELATE SUCH SCENERIOS TO THIS PHENOMENON, sleep paralysis, BUT I JUST CANNOT EXPLAIN HOW IT IS RELATED.

Aljazeera is running amok with a series they calling THE GOLD MAFIA. Just yesterday I watched the 4th and final part. Kamlesh Patni is very prominent all over the place. Because of that, you’d be safe if you’d assume that all that drama was and is still playing out in Kenya. Substitute the Zimbabwean president with the president of Kenya. Awe ni Uhuru ama Ruto, it doesn’t matter!

I think the Obama administration was naive enough to believe Kenyan law enforcement would have the balls to act on that intel, especially since it was announced by the cabinet minister in charge of internal security.