Drowning in debt: ERIC OMONDI’s Range Rover to be auctioned, he is struggling financially

Saturday, 01 January 2022 – Controversial comedian Eric Omondi, who is reportedly broke, abandoned his Range Rover at a garage over an unpaid bill and now, the Ksh 7 Million guzzler is set to be auctioned for Ksh 1.1 Million.

The comedian’s supercharged Range Rover Sport has been at King Rovers garage for some time now.

He took the vehicle for service and failed to pay.

According to the manager of the garage, Eric does not pick his calls whenever he tries to get in touch with him.


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Ujinga ya kenyan media personalities ni kungangana kuishi maisha ya mbirrionaires. Most of these ppl wamejaa madeni.

All this sounds like the usual Omondi Comedy scripts…you guys are targets…Being taken for a ride!
Is that even his car?
Wacha tungoje jamaa akionekana kesho ndiye mujue…Cheap tricks.

That car is huge, it is like walking with a tablet as your cell phone. It is a rich old man’s car who require a high sitting position and has a driver. Younger guys should stick to mid SUV

Chasing clout

L320 siku hizi ni 7m? Ujinga mtupu.

From the recent video around, jamaa ako coast

ni marketing ya hio garage na publicity ya Erico all sanctioned by erico.

This fellow thinks that he is Funny …
In reality , he’s is just a Fool … :D:D