hello guys,
Last week there was a guy on facebook who had a promoted ad on drop shipping in kenya guide, he said he had the experience working with several brands in kenya, now he was promising to teach on the same on the guide he was giving at Ksh 499, so am wondering if any of you saw that post or has his number since my timeline updated before i take his contact. I want to try drop shipping.

Ever wondered why this business gurus are up to teaching people the “lucrative” secret of blah blah blah. If they make so much why teach?

That aside, I’d advise you to search for free guides first before paying for the extra that adds to skill. Good luck.

In this new age of information why anyone pays for guides is beyond me. Browse online soo many courses are being offered for absolutely free. Am currently taking an auditing, excel, accounting courses offered by top US universities for absolutely free. They have an option though where you buy a recognised signed certificate for like $100 if you’re willing at the end of the course.

Kwani drop-shipping is a secret art?

Read this before you make another man richer by 500 bob:


Drop shipping is dead.


Amechanganya handles kidogo :D:D:D
He should consult you how to handle multiple accounts sio? :smiley:

Watch @fereokasa and @Alchemist tiptoe out of Ktalk. :smiley:

Why should I do that?