Drop your favourite movie scenes.

For me Mr. Pink going against a group of gangsters with his unpopular idea is at the very top. Dudes knows virtually everybody at the table is against him but stands strongly with his idea of not tipping. Talk about not giving a ferk about people’s opinions.


The ending scene of Primal fear. Shit this was such a plot twist. Warning :Spoiler.


John wick digging for his Arsenal of weapons was damn intense.





Mimi sio mtu wa movies lakini natambua ile movie ya hitman’s bodyguard mbaya sana.Novels na Gazeti ndio zangu

same taste


kayser Soze…my all time favorite movie scene


Which genre of Novels??mimi ni mtu wa kina Robert Ludlum.John Grisham na Sydney sheldon.kenya ni kina Charles Mangua,Mejja Mwangi,Mwangi Ruheni,Wahome Mutahi

I hate Quentin Tarantino movies low budget , flash backs and overhyped eg Reservoir Dogs & Pulp fiction

Charles Dickens…my fav

Ohhhh this too man. Similar to Primal Fear. You could never predict their ending.

Sicario my movie of the century , hii part huniuwa kila saa nai watch


Then level of fuck you scene…The Gambler


Uko na novels gani unisaidie za kenyan writers, I’m also avid lover of kenyan literature… Mejja mwangi nimesom’ going down river road ’ natafuta son of woman ya c. Mangua

Every Robert Duvall scene in ‘Apocalypse Now’ as Lt Col Kilgore the Cavalier. Very manly.

Not forgetting the opening scene in ‘Watchmen’

Nina Son of a woman,Son of a woman in Mombasa,Kenyatta’s Jiggers zote za charles Mangua,The Jailbugs ya Wahome Mutahi na Carcasses for hounds ya mejja mwangi.Zote hard copy

All of heath ledger scenes in dark night rises were epic.


Jarome valeska is also making a name for himself as joker in gotham…


Did you know that this church was built right in the middle of the city? The elders wanted everyone to be equally close to God. Geometry of religion. I like that.

American gods, Ep 1 slap scene ya shadow na Laura @Jolly


King of the kick boxers, hio part ya i have been in hell for 10years, brought tears to me eyes…