Drone Owners - Here is your Quotation


mtajitetea mkiwa pande gani?

Hahahaha. Kwani ni military drones? The fvck?!

So my 5 year old kid will need all that ?

shithole country, you have a car, you cant speed, you have a drone you cant,… you have a chopper i n caren, neighbors complaints…

Am not an engineer lakini i always know that the mechanism of drones are very simple. Just a radio transmission to control it and propellers with simple aerodynamics. Must we be importing everything?

that is why you are not an engineer

You can do all these things as long as you pay extra.

Cash cow imekomaa.

Videographers will replace the revenues lost from taxes on Nth. Generation hock and the drinking holes where it was sold.

I know there will be problems because there are toy drones that cost a little as 2500 shillings, but our technologically challenged collectors will take years to know the difference.

someone i know imported a millitary grade drone via JKIA and the guys had no clue. Thought ni some cheap china product. @pamba tafadhali usianze kutafuta IP address yangu

You should check UK’s drone laws for comparison…

i can relate, wonder whether kids toys will be classified differently?

We are going to have a very hard time explaining to kids why they cant fly the darn things , or just prepare to pay costs that can buy several of the bloody toys :mad::mad::mad:

I say good riddance. Drones are a very delicate subject and very hard to regulate once everyone has them especially in urban settings. We can’t be having every peasant owning a drone, because that would be a disaster.

Kwanza those ones with mounted cameras…infringing on other people’s privacy and space…

ATPU @pamba leading the operation

They can also be used to deliver explosives, imagine the damage alshaitan can do in a political rally venue or a stadium full of fans.

ulimulikwa kichakani?

Shait :D:D:D

Ati ‘Military Grade’, ya wapi? China?

Na hio drone ya military grade? Mbaff!!

I doubt that it’s about privacy or anti terror.

The videographers are simply making too much money for the GoK not to lust for a cut. Remember, they have taken away business that formerly kept Cessnas and full size choppers aloft @ 60-100k an hour!

Iyo ni pesa kidogo sana, sana, sana. Ingekuwa mingi kama ingepita ii…Ksh.1,000,000.