Driving licence renewal

Sisi wa DL mzee tunakubalishwa kurenew kama kawaida ama lazima uchukue digital one kwanza? I have 7 days remaining

Enda NTSA pale Upper Hill utamalizia kila kitu huko. Kuna cyber just outside the gate wanajua kila kitu utahitaji kujua. Ni kenya, hata ukiwa 7 months late utasolve.

Waah meaning I can’t just login into my account and renew like before?

Kama uko na mzee lazima uende Upperhill utengenezewe smart card.

On eCitizen account you can renew the usual way ( upto 1 year) . On NTSA TIMS account its only SmartDL

Ndio naona wananipea 1yr only. Wacha kwanza nijaze hiyo kama sitaweza kufika NTSA on time

Time kupata ndio inanilemea. Is the service not devolved ama Kenya mzima lazima iende upperhill?

There’s a friend who has not renewed his for years. He’s in a cul-de -sac.

I’m not 100 % sure. But I think it wouldn’t be practical to expect the whole of Kenya to come here. It must be then that NTSA have other offices elsewhere? NTSA Help Desk: 0709 932 300 (safaricom), 020 6632 300 (Telkom)

Really, what’s the bottle-neck? Amejaribu kutengeneza TIMs Account ikakataa?

Yeah there must be another way out. Will contact them tomorrow

Is there any problem for not renewing so long as you aren’t using?

Thank you @LongTime for your help. Seems like you have ever worked in a customer care service position. Customer care desk…how may I help you:D


I’d do the e-citizen one to avoid hustles if you’re pressed for time. After all, it’ll cost you 650, and you can use it meanwhile, before they phase it out and make you pay over 3k for the digital one.

Hiyo ndio nimeamua. I just want it to push me till early next year where I feel comfortable to digitise

smart card gani I renewed mine two weeks ago on ecitizen.

I was not even aware you can keep renewing the old slips on ecitizen until this thread. There’s a new DL since 2018 and I always assumed it was mandatory to migrate when your old one runs out.

Same that was also my assumption,it’s the only logical thing. Totally doesn’t make sense to have 2 parallel forms of DLs and it goes against the whole point of digitalisation. I hope next thing to be introduced will be instant traffic fines where you’re given 7 days to pay or protest in court badala ya upuzi ya kupelekana station for minor offences. I have been in Tz for a while and i drive stress free because the worst that could happen to you with cops is you get a fine and you’re on your merry way.

Hehee its still making sense until I pick a digital one. From there they can kick the old one out without wasting a second