Driver escape death as speeding car bursts into flames on Thika Road

Motorists were on Monday, October 25 stranded along the busy Thika Superhighway after a car burst into flames in the midst of the road.

The incident took place on Monday afternoon causing traffic mayhem along the busy highway.

Witnesses say that the incident happened after the car hit a lorry from the rear.

No injuries or deaths were reported at the accident as the motorist of the car managed to flee the scene.

“The car was being driven at a neck-breaking speed. It hit the lorry from the rear and burst into flames,” Alex Kimani a matatu tout said.

Another witness, Paul Onkoba who was waiting to board a matatu to the city from Clay Works area said that he heard a loud bang moments after the car hit the lorry and started burning.

It is expected from a Subaru