driveby murang'a










ugesimama hapo kaharate ununurie watu madisi?

Credit where credit is due.
Hii serikali has brought transport infrastructure a very long way.

Hata we we? I thought it should go without saying that serikali inafaa itumie taxes kujenga infrastructure na mengineo.

I’m just pointing out the turn in the tide of serious shameless looting by the “older” leaders that went on for over 40 years.
Change is slow and we have to appreciate and celebrate every positive step.
Kenyans are beginning to question how their taxes are spent etc…
Siku za Moi and Biwott, traveling to Muran’ga took the whole day and nobody dare question why roads were not being built then even though they still paid their taxes.


Wooooi, you’ve made me hungry.

In short he’s saying if people have been scoring D’s for so long, someone who scores a C is a breath of fresh air

What is that?

Ndudiro au mutura


Ngerima. Woishe nitumie kidogo haki!

Hii ni barabara ya kutoka Sagana hadi Muranga?

Umeenda Kiria-ini?