Drinking nation madze


Kwa raha zao.

Enyewe walevi ni wengi bonobo land

Reading Nation: Pale Sarit have a mega book sale happening today

It becomes a problem if a 1/4 of your pay goes to pombe

Vitabu tunaweza somea online. Lakini fombe hatuwezi.

Books smell and feel good. Each to their own.

Village people hujunywa kistaarabu

Shida I guess ni ukibuy book then usome…does it have any other use physically better borrowing,read the return it upon completion but there are those books that one might feel so glued to having a desire to be perusing time to time

Shida ya pombe, you drink and piss it all out or wake up hang overed

I thought hii offer ilikua ya tusker only

tusker zote nilichukua ya 10,000 kshs nimejaza kwa fridge . kumumunya tu polepole

Umecheck expiry date?

Hao ni bar workers buying stock ya kuuza chini ya maji.

Going for 100shs from which initial price? Tuelezwe wengine wetu hatujawai nunua pombe