Dress code and fashion....

So seated at some airport waiting to board a flight, observing people walking past and can’t help but notice, very many people are terrible at dressing up.
Why can’t guys just be simple and stop trying to be unique or fashionable? Coz they really failing.
Then most Indians you come across stink. What kinda water do they shower with, if they do shower.
I think Africans shida, is what pulls us back but cleanliness tuko poa.

Samaki mkuu, wapi mbisha ya wanuki…na flight…

I prefer things that are never in or out of fashion. Like khakis and polo shirts.

I’m not from one of those who have to validate or take selfies and pictures of the plane and food and airport and show to people.

Actually clearing the wardrobe slowly off jeans, now rocking khakis and polos as well as button shirts. Simple and easy.

:D:D:D:Dau hata thermal image ya mnuko

Ngoja the day you find yourself wearing flipflops and not giving a hoot. :smiley:

I always wear open shoes esp when going to land into some summer weather…at times I wear bata slippers and I don’t care…I travel very light and always dress down when flying although the first few times I flew nilikua navaa “Sunday best”

I guess your message here is you are flying. Getting worried on how others dress is something someone like myself cant comprehend. Safe skies Bigfish…

I stick to one colour and type of jeans, with either a sport shoe or a mature leather shoe. huko kwingine naeza cheza na kashati ama t shirt

Hii asubuhi yote.

Mwarì wa maitù,wì mwega?

Local fashion redefined. Pink handles good stuff for you in there.


Vaa nguo ile unapenda. Hii mambo ya kuexpect watu wavae according to your expectations ama standards ni upus… Who made you KEBS wa dressing code. (that is coming from a guy who wears slimfit shirts…the make me look nice,he’s been told so :D)

shida JKIA ni toa belt,toa kiatu weka laptop kando,toa keys,toa wallet weka phone kwa tray…twice before boarding.

Its time consuming and cumbersome to say the least. Showed up to a long flight last week with slippers, cargo shorts na tshirt. Easy pass and comfort.

Very gay, a man concerned about other men’s dressing!? When traveling the key thing is comfort… and having enough pockets to keep your shit…

ndi muega muno

While traveling people dress simple, nguo Haina any piece of metal ndio usipigwe cavity search (kufunguliwa boot:D:D:D) na hao uliona wachafu some have been traveling like for 3days connecting flights and sleeping on waiting lobby esp those stingy Indians ndio wasave pesa ya hoteli so dont be fast judging people.

I dropped my kids a month ago shuleni. I had my sexy black bathrobes, vest ,slippers na some shorts ndani since I knew madam left for mombasa that 6am so she wont be there to criticize me.

So nimerudi home eating my favorite mabwondi and tea . Then nimerelax having good time … mara nikaona she is calling from her work number.Mara moja I knew there was a problem.Before receiving the call I started retracing my steps that morning to see if there is anything wrong I did …hakuna. So innocently I picked up the phone thinking niko safe!!! waa ile maneno niliambiwa wacha tu…

Kumbe one of the teachers is a close friend of hers who reports anything suspicious I do at school. Hata when chatting with some singo mothers who are dropping off their kids, inafika kwa boma! What an evil bitch!!!Cut story short : sijawahi iona my bathrobe again. Sijui iliwekwa wapi…

How many years into marriage again!?