Dreams then and Reality now

Leo hata sijaenda church, lay in bed thinking about life as a kid and what I wanted to be as an adult and where I am now. As a kid I had no idea what I wanted to be as an adult I just happened to be good at books, later in high school on those damn career days learnt about Actuarial Science and that they earned 1 mirrion PM and so chose it because of the money na pressure ya wazazi. Eventually joined uni for the damn course (hiyo mathafu ni ngori) then after graduation really started thinking what I wanted in life for me, from my own choosing. I had discovered entrepreneurship in uni and innovating stuff that people found useful and it intrigued me how possible it is to build something that was once in your head, make it a reality that people love and use and pay money for it. I was in love. Had a really short stint in a bank then quit to follow my dreams. I had to literally downgrade everything in life and moved to a really tiny house, slept on the floor etc my friends thought I had gone bananas. Then the struggle started, following dreams is not easy especially when everyone including your folks wonder what is wrong with you. Had a girlfriend back then she bounced on me and my circle of friends shrunk to about 3 guys who we are still ride or die till date. After some time the winds of change started blowing and stopped moving down and started moving up, though I am yet to be where I want to be in this life part of my dreams have come true and I believe fully it will come to pass. What is your story?


Rudi jikoni ukapike matomoko,mapera na avocado


i think you realised there is nothing like a mirrion salary in actuary, or did you earn it kwa hiyo bank? You could not handle the disappointment, which i think is good.

Do what you love and the money will follow-Richard Branson


Nmediscover am in wrong path, though not yet to quit, am saving for some projects i want to undertake by march. Landed in architecture but from the look at things i wanted to be in comedy(Charlie Chaplin way).

Nakuja kununua kanusu baadaye na isikuwe imeoza niliona uko na hiyo tabia

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If you are waiting for the perfect time, it will never come, just jump in the ocean and start swimming :slight_smile:


Its there for the higher ups with Masters and professional papers but I just wasnt in it hata kidogo, its just one of those things you are just good at but doesnt make anything tick

Following your heart and ur dream will cost u alot in friends and comfort. But, when u eventually start living the dream, everyone will envy u. Hang on there bro. It works out in the long run.


Dude, you can’t just jump without targeted savings, otherwise you still need to start next steps with capital . I never mentioned right time though.

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Always wanted to be a civil and structural engineer but ended in the military leaving as soon as my contract is done study international relations and see where life takes me…all i know is that few people really get paid for what they enjoy doing hang in there


All the best bro

I remember once things were so bad all I could afford for about two weeks was sukuma and ugali rice was a delicacy and privilege then, for breakfast make thick white uji with maize flour bila sukari…I look at the women around me and wonder kama wangeitikia kukaa when things were that bad


life is too short to have a permanent “plan” .
leave everyday as it comes.
70 yrs is less than 30000 days.

meant live

Transitions arent always easy, nobody teaches you how to move from employment to being a business owner all the best man

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even in campus i never really knew what i wanted to do. all i wanted is to be a good businessman in whatever field i will land. nilijaribu kutulia kwa ofisi nikaona siezani na hiyo kitu. started freelancing to date. i enjoy what i do. I aint there yet but it makes me happy to chat my own course in life.

the reason i paid an exorbitant dowry for my wife.bitch stayed by my side at the lowest and most depressing time in @junkie life


If I had such during that phase of my life, would have no qualms paying dowry and marrying her

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When I was young I wanted to be a doctor, by 17 I knew I wasn’t cut out for employment but no parent will hear any of that. went to campus my heart and mind weren’t there, I finally quit school people thought I was nuts, went into business failed at first, take 2, I am happy with where I am, I am doing things I planned to do in my teenage but never got the support