Dramatic scenes as two women who were ferrying bhang engage detectives in highway race before being nabbed (PHOTOs)



Tuesday, March 8, 2022 – Two women were arrested on Monday evening for drug trafficking and a consignment of Marijuana that they were ferrying to Nairobi impounded.

Caroline Mariwa and Nancy Wangare were ferrying over 6 sacks packed with stones of bhang from Busia, headed to Nairobi when detectives finally caught up with them.

The product had been neatly arranged in a grey Toyota Wish, KBS 156S, being driven by one of the ladies.

I believe all the arrest ya marijuana consignment are caused by snitching or failure of the culprits to oil the palms of the law enforcers. I have never seen the traffic or road bloc police keen on checking cargo. They just check insurance, ask for license, and their small tea as usual.

The bribe demanded must have been too high. No pun intended.

Why arrest this entrepreneurs on international women’s day , kwanza walishikwa 4:20 Wapi FIDA

Bhangi ni dawa.