Drama ya wanawake

So I broke up with a baby mama and she couldn’t let me go until recently when she decided acha ikae, akanitumia message ingine hapo wagwan ya matusi but now that’s not the issue, ngori ni ati nko na the current one who is abit older than me by a couple of yrs she knew about the baby mama and she’s been pressuring me to talk about my past re/ship with baby mama na unajua kuna vitu zingine huezibonga bana even though we talked about it. So juzi nikamshow she forgets about my past but imekua ngori imeescarlate vibaya sana to a point I just don’t know what to do, advice kidogo hapa kule itasaidia

Wachana na mama mzee kukushinda.


Stand your ground bana. Ukiyumbayumba hata kabla relationship imeanza atakukalia, she’s doing a shit test on you. But vile umeambiwa hapo juu, an older lady is not worth it because it’s easy for her to disrespect you.


Heard you loud and clear