Drama Queen 1

How you fellows put up with this Crap , I will never understand …:p:D



Toa Maoni …:smiley:

Alimaliza fity

I don’t text women!

Wah! I once dated dem mwenye ilikuwa lazima nimtext or call several times a day. I told her to hit the highway if you are that needy and clingy type. I kent, siwesmake.

The clingy insecure type. In marriage they will make your life hell on earth

Same here. Texting women actually kills one’s brain cells. For this reason, you will rarely find me on WhatsApp.

Kwa relationship, men and women speak different languages.

The woman is simply expressing her lack of attention from you. Just that.

These are emotional beings sio eti eti. Kama you’re planning on kuingia karura then ni sawa. But kama unaona future na yeye, you’re sleeping on your job. You provide attention she provides respect.

If you want peace from a woman, realize that she isn’t set up like you. There’s a logic to you paying for the dates and for her spending hours getting ready for the said date.

This woman has no problem from my view it’s just a lack of communication. I realise this is the wrong forum to say anything positive about marriage but if you find a good woman bana do the necessary. Hizi jamaa mingi zikona mabibi but you’d think ni bachelors. Honestly a good woman is a rare find. But the male toxicity on this platform can be too much. Na wakona mabibi hawa.




send that man a beer… on my account

:D:D:D:D silly :oops:

I’m sure you also know that you are lying

Hii ndume ikona tu side chiq so main amekuwa useless so anangoja ajipee shugli. Nigga haijui kubalance btwn family na extra curricular activities. As much as unacheza na tumtu huko nje don’t make your wife or mother of your kid feel this useless. Just balance your shit.