Drama in Kiambu as school boys get thorough beating, one arrested for sneaking into girls’ school at night

Ona hawa…what will you tell your parent?

Four students from Gatamaiyu Boys Secondary School escaped death by a whisker after they sneaked into a neighbouring girl’s school.

One of the student has been admitted at Kiambu hospital, nursing serious injuries inflicted on him by school neighbours who descended on them after the school watchman raised an alarm.

While confirming the incident, Lari Sub County police commander Stephen Kirui said the injured student was in a group of four other students who sneaked out of their school on Sunday night and went to a nearby Gachoire Girl’s High School to check on a girlfriend.

Kirui further said they are waiting for the victim to recover from the injuries and be discharged so that he can record a statement.

However, the Gachoire girl’s eagle-eyed security guard was fast to react after spotting the four who were not in uniform trying to access the girls school through the school’s perimeter wall.

Kirui said the four boys, names withheld, tried to make a dramatic escape but members of the public who had swiftly responded to the alarm chased them but only nabbed one of the culprits.

Initial investigations say that the students were trying to sneak in the girl’s school, but when the security guard saw them, the three ran away.

According to a police report seen by K24 Digital the guard was instantaneous in raising the alarm forcing the three to bolt, however one of the student was unfortunate as an irate public pounced on him, whipping him.

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