Drama, chaos as armed police officers storm station to free arrested colleague in Tana River

Eight-armed prison officers on Thursday, August 26, stormed Madogo Police Station in Tana River County and allegedly threatened to combat the police officers on duty at the station for holding their colleague in the cells.

Led by their inspector, the showed their intent of trying to free their colleague and the eight armed officers purportedly tried to grab the Occurrence Book (OB) and ordered they be handed the cell keys that interfered with the lock where the said colleague was locked up.

According to a report seen by K24 Digital the prisoner prison officer was arrested for contravening curfew orders but prior to the arrest the officer had over-powered and beaten up two regular police officers.

“The prison officer was nabbed contravening curfew orders and while he was being arrested, he became violent and assaulted the two officers who sustained serious injuries,” a report filed at the station read in part.

The two worrying teams then engaged in a scuffle as officers attached to the station rushed to the scene and tried to rescue their colleagues.

Commotion ensued at the station, forcing one-armed prison warder to fire one round in the air with the aim of startling away the rescue team.

Two officers were casualties after being assaulted by the warder and sustained serious injuries on their faces, lips and hands.

Reads like a script from cowboy movie

Es fighting D- :D:D

That’s stupid, eventually they’ll all be arraigned in court. Kiherehere mingi kama watoto

Hii ni vita ya nyoka mbili ! can seat back and watch them kill each other

Sasa junior fulani warden atapoteza job tu Ivyo, juu ali- happen kuwa duty n the inspector came n dragged him along. Na juu ni E material, incapable of critical thinking and zero decision making ability alifuata tu kama kondoo.

Usually this kind of thing is “settled internally” for GOK to save face. Its like the case in Athi river where EACC officials arrested cops collection bribes along mombasa road and the raid was show on TV then armed cops came and rescued the arrested cops and it never got to court, it was “settled internally”.

You’re right, provided it wasn’t a fatal confrontation they will likely sort it out internally.

True. That’s what happens in many governments to save face, but displinary actions always follow and they can be harsh

watu waheshimiane especially armed officers, huwezi shika mwenzako juu ya ujinga kama ku break curfew ama kutema mate.