Drama as rich husband goes gay


hii ni code ya kusema alifunguliwa boot?

[SIZE=5]No wonder maragoli @uwesmake amenyamaza sana siku hizi.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]@uwesmake kumbe ulipata sponsor?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]@uwesmake kumbe unakamuliwa na Abdul?[/SIZE]

Bomoeni kabati polepole.

There are many bi men who are married but keep it on the down-low. The wife may know a few kids later but if the jamaa is moneyed and they have kids they stay. I know of one who is doing quite well with a very good job. He is Jango, wife is … well, who else? Kyuk. They have kids, wife gunduad what was going on. She stayed but doesnt have sex with him and sleeps out with others. Jamaa is quiet cause wife has threatened him she will go public with his tabias

Men can’t be bisexual … you are either straight or gay no in btwns.

Unfortunately, been gay in Kenya is becoming mainstream and such stories are all too common .

Already it’s public

Not really… its just known among people who know them on a personal level… its the same way political insiders may know things about each other that outsiders don’t.

Very true. The moment jamaa amechunishwa there’s no going back

You and @Randy are speaking based on your experience

Seems like you’re supporting hiyo bi and gay agenda
Coz nikama imekukera kimpango, kama hiyo ndio sector yako sema tu no need to point fingers

:D:D kijiji ina watu wa ajabu

It basic common sense but unfortunately you is too stupid to understand it.


Nsaidie namba ya wife walai…cant be treating our daughter like that

Why would she post this with no consideration for the 13 year old, what a moron.

I have deleted some series and even stopped watching some because of this bs they push through this days…
The originals was pretty great untill they pushed their ferked up agenda… I had to watch that and skipped the silly ass ***** , because i was a great fan of niklaus…

Now some silly ass series called rosswells new mexico thinks i will give a rats ass :smiley: , I deleted the mf

Aki ktalk nimemubali is a homosexual site in disguise

Most jangos are gày

Jangos are who?? You bigot