Drama all over

Zuma resigned, and the South African lawmakers elected Ramaphosa. Let the lawmakers continue with the trend and stop disturbing citizens with Elections.

The court declared Miguna’s deportation as illegal and ordered for submission of his kenyan passport withing seven days, the govt insists that it was done in order of law and that their (govt) legal team is still gong thru the courts decision for a way forward. “we will revisit” is indeed on play.


How did Justice Kimaru rule and give orders in a case before another judge Justice Chacha Mwita and what’s his personal interest in the matter?
Ktalk lawyers is that allowed in law?


You comply first and appeal later.

Ati a Canadian! Kweli people are working hard to protect their jobs.

I see a someguy going for a third term in office, watch this space

Kibicho is a piece of SHIET. He’s been summoned by the court several times and he’s never appeared. Even a warrant of arrest was issued but of course it was never acted upon.

Kibicho ni meffi.

Not exactly true, especially in this climate where it is so obvious that the Judiciary is compromised and serving NASA openly. Isitoshe, when has NASA ever complied with orders banning demos, new elections, stopping incitement, etc.?

Right now, this is arm wresting at the highest level. Miguna’s avowed NRM generalship and the stated intent to start bonfires, gives the government all it needs to use the highest security measures against him. Akina Orengo are going to tire soon. Besides, the NASA lawyers might find themselves called back once JaKuon realizes that Miguna is upstaging him.

What does the constitution say?
Follow the law.

I repeat: when was the last time JasKuon, NASA and his lawyers followed the law? Constitution my foot!

“The law is very clear” Common proverb

Who are we paying taxes to? Who is in control? Is it NASA or Jubilee?

You know of Snowden. He committed a treasonous crime. Was his citizenship revoked?

Think beyond tribal lines.

Suppose the general didn’t have dual citizenship what would they have to him??..hii githu muigai ni githeri legal advisor tu.

You’re singing to the deaf. They’re no different from Nasa supporters who are so fanatical that they’ll defend every move both right and wrong. They just can’t see it. Objectivity will deflate their ego.

I voted for Uhuru. But he’s being a real baby about things.

Is paying taxes a license to break laws and trash the constitution one claims to have written?

Even Miguna claims to have voted for Uhuru. It’s not called the secret ballot for nothing.

Miguna’s claim is not a factor in my claim

That doesn’t matter. It’s your credibility in question here, because nobody can confirm your claim while the record on Ktalk is clearly anti-Uhuru.

“Constitution my foot” says mister shinny cheeks!
“Innocent Keenyans/youth” is LDP/ODM code word for marauding rioters.
This nothing short of a criminal organisation!

My credibility is again not a factor. I will not blindly support Jubilee when I know very well they’re doing wrong. 2 wrongs don’t make and have never made a right.

Nasa are useless as well for not following the law. But see where such kind of behaviour from both sides takes us.