Draco Fires Back(Pusha T Diss) - King Kenny effect still strong


Niliwashow mapema that mumble gimmick was not gone last- the real are back… cole anapeana masweep the other side bila mse affected kushikanisha and then push is on his young money hater juice anyways diss ndo hii




Kiyana took the bite drake went in no lie…but this is one half of the clipse…


Expect mateso from push…drake gone have a long squabble…


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[SIZE=7][SIZE=7]From Nas to Em…kunguru hafungiki especially akitafuta media clout [/SIZE][/SIZE]

Niaje screwmeffi

The fuck Drake done?? This aint no Weak Mill, this issa veteran in rap. This will be interesting. Waiting to see how this play out

[ATTACH=full]172405[/ATTACH]We do know for a fact Drake hopes in niggas shit so that his stans gone later claim he made a nigga.

hiphop is back …questions are being asked …clowns being exposed…wacha watu waheme…the game was too complacent…been long i have had albums on albums za hiphop kwa ambience ya mine…its all good


Playboi carti writes for drake these days[ATTACH=full]172611[/ATTACH]