Dr. Sandra

Sweet Dr. Sandra … :two_hearts: :bouquet:





Huyu dry fry kwanza lakini nikienda hosi nimpate namwambia I need another doctor preferably ako 50years and above. hawa wametoka shule juzu ni takataka useless google docs.


Esthetician Hair Removal GIF by Sucre

Hapa siwezi vaa kondom liwe liwalo

She is a gifted Pediatrician …
Sadly not available for what you have in mind … :blush:

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same here. kazi ni tiktok tu the whole day. huyu atakuua faster than viagra :green_emoji: :green_emoji:


nice thick hips

Wait until you see the Bikini Pics …:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::yum:

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No way in hell I would trust her with my kid if we land in her office with celebral malaria. Huyu ni kujipaka pigment and taking selfies all day.

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This is a highly skilled and certified Medical Practioner who would immediately swing into action to treat the Child.
She has plenty of opportunities in her spare time for the personal activities you describe…:blush: