Dr Rexxfisi nabbed by police


Shika na ufunge hiyo ghaseer.

Ata ka ni dry spell hii imesidi bana.



How does he get turned on by sick bedridden women? And where was he heading with that lion hunting an antelope story?:smiley:

Some people are turned on by your misery, some take that opportunity to plunder what is left. Haki some people can be evil

Knowing women, I stand with the doctor. That story sounded scripted.

Ile chikuyu ya aboshen haikushikwa na kulikua hadi na thermal findios. Sheria ya bonobo ni kama wote wako jaba

Huyo dakitari ni psycho, he derived pleasure hurting the sick. Huyu alihitaji digits na cordinated afike Amar, ama SJ agware vitu achoke arudi kazi akiwa kiumbe kipya

forrowing @MBOMB

Not until it’s a close relative of yours acha iwe hekaya kwako

@rexxsimba , uko huru kweli?:smiley:

Huyo dem alikuwa anaitwa Amina sijui Aisha was coached to make the story relevant

Et Tu , Brutus … ??? :D:D:D


There’s no betrayal; I’ve never minced words when I said you were a bush doctor pushing panadol and sausage to bibi za jitus

:D:D:D :D:D:D :D:D:D @cortedivoire amefungua nursing home

When it comes to your fellow man, stand with him always. Ama ata wewe alikufanyia maneno? You seem to be sure he is guilty.

I have watched the video …hakuna faking hapo…the man is a pure monster…the bitterness I feel… perhaps I should send that mf in the deepest trenches of hell:mad::mad::mad:you seem to worship men in a way… people are purely evil …tf