Dr : Phoebe

[SIZE=5]My favorite Veterinary Doctor …
She loves animals …[/SIZE]
. :D:D:D










She is worth an insemination.

Ukipanua unaweza pata tissue katikati

[SIZE=5]I’m sure She can arrange one for You …
She is very skilled …[/SIZE]:D:D


:D:D:D:D i kinda wrote something of the same.

Hizo digits zake please. Niko na tumizoga hatu feel poa. Thank you in advance.

[SIZE=5]Anything Dead has no Feelings …
She is not a Pathologist [/SIZE]… :D:D


I didn’t say she is a pathologist but tumifugo twangu tuko almost dying. In need of her assistance.

Siezi mind kuhit once just for the experience

[SIZE=5]Only Once … ??? :D:D[/SIZE]





Once every 2 months basi:D

[SIZE=5]An accomplished 28 year old professional …
Dr. Phoebe deserves much better than that …[/SIZE]:D:D