dr patel

Coronavirus cure by Dr Ronak Patel mix 1 teaspoon salt and one teaspoon of sugar.

Add some crushed paracetamol tablet and a teaspoon of baking powder.

Squeeze one fresh lemon into the mixture dilute using 2 litres of water.

Stir the mixture add 5ml of ethanol

Boil for twenty minutes drink when cool
This clears virus in the body within 45 days

Acha nifuate Trump.

Na apeleke pale India hio remedy yake. They truly need it.


It could actually work only that the lemon and water are the essential ingredients. What i know and doctors will back me up is that no bacteria or virus can survive in an alkaline environment. The PH of a lemon is around 2.0 making it acidic. however, when metabolised, it rises to well over 7.0 making it an alkaline.

Even garlic is a powerful alkanizer