Dr Mukhisa Kituyi kwa ground


Apatie hao watu 150 each wanyamaze.

:D:D ukweli usemwe


Kenya politics is not a fertile ground for professional technocrats.

I saw several Luos who resigned plum jobs to come home and contest political positions but even those who won only served one term and either died or were sent into oblivion by useless dirty illiterate local competitors who know how to play the game.

I will never understand why someone like Dr Mukhisa would try his hand in this dirty game… I held him in higher regards than he holds himself, I guess.

Mukhisa believes he can improve the country. But that’s different from begging for votes. Those people who you get voted from are mostly interested in handouts.

Dr Kituyi was never the MP for Webuye so why does anyone expect him to have built anything there?

Dr Mukhisa has what it takes to move this country forward but sadly he is miles ahead in his reasoning in a manner that the common man cannot understand. Just try attend one of these rallies by some of these seasoned politicians, utter nonsense utterances and 90% of the speech ni hype “vijana hoyeeee”, “tibim riaaaa”, “wale majama…”, “mashustler kama nyinyi pia lazima muingie state house”

I long gave up on Kenyan politics when Nairobians, where most educated folks reside, decided it was Sonko over Miguna Miguna for Governor. I mean, Miguna had everything figured out but we opted for a cartoon.

I don’t think a lot of educated folks vote to be honest.

Miguna really never had a chance. He is part of the group that walks with their nose stuck high up in the air. Upper echelons of society. I have a law degree from Canada. I drive a Mercedes. I live in Runda…He went and copied pictures of rail systems in Europe from google and was using that as a main campaign point.

Surely what does a person living in pipeline slams care about such. Did he ever ask them their issues. He didn’t do a realistic ground campaign. Going door to door at night at talking with residents in Nairobis poorest areas because that’s where the voters are. That way you put a face. Instead all he did was high profile meetings.

He would go to attend symposiums at KU and wouldn’t even address students there. Walk right past them.

Its even why Raila struggled. If I was his campaign manager, I would have 70% of the masses in front of me. His speeches don’t really resonate with local crowds. He usually talks about improving social systems when the locals are waiting for things that will directly Impact them plus a handshake. When does the next sugar mill in our county open, how many of our youth will get jobs this month in the sub county, when are you building our church, did you put my son in the deb…

You are hilarious!!! Ati Miguna had everything figured out!!

Miles ahead yet IQ haitomshi

Most of them vote

Sonko was dishing money to Nairobians for more than 10 years nobody stood a chance

they vote, actually they’re the worse to engage in a political discussion.it is the same reason most corporates ban such kind of discussions in their premises 'coz it usually turns tribal, then personal, then service delivery will be affected.

I thought utasema kitu cha maana

@uwesmake mujamaa yako ya ingokho na kaukali namaliswa:D:D

Money is part of political capital.